#newmusic4yourears #whatonwhatsgood Week of March 4, 2022

#newmusic4yourears #whatonwhatsgood Week of March 4, 2022

#newmusic4yourears #whatonwhatsgood Week of March 4, 2022

1. Charissa

New single "People Like You" 

2. Ulrich Forman 

New single "At Last" 
Upcoming album 'Chapter IV' available on May 27th

French composer, songwriter, and producer Ulrich Forman discusses upcoming album 'Chapter IV'
"I started writing 'Chapter IV' about two years ago. I already had a few tracks and ideas laid down when I got into a really bad motorcycle accident for the first time, I started by writing lyrics without any melodies in mind, which led me to write introspective lyrics about very intimate subjects, which would later become the foundation of the album.

I did not want those lyrics hidden behind heavy musical arrangements. I chose an almost bare and minimalistic aesthetic so that they could breathe and convey the vulnerability I felt after the accident that I was so desperately trying to accept.  I could not hide behind routine in a way, that led me to a certain type of innocence and sincerity I had when I first started composing."

3. Barney Bentall 

New single “Cosmic Dreamer”
Upcoming album 'Cosmic Dreamer' available on April 22, 2022 via True North Records 

4. Nue 

Nue discusses his latest single "Thrills & Chills"
"I tend to make a lot of love songs, love lost, but even beyond that, it’s personal relationships with friends and family. I don’t say any names; I’m not that blunt about it. The basis is emotion and experiences. Most of my music is just raw expression about how I feel."

5. Rawmny Wildcat Featuring CHXXX

New single “Fearless

Upcoming Album, WILDCAT available this Spring 2022

Rawmny discusses forthcoming album WILDCAT

"Composed of songs that are personal and relatable, as I delve deep into my journey as a child born and raised in Ethiopia and moved to 

Canada as a young teen. My life has been full of adventure and many challenges I had to overcome to get where I am today.” 

6. The High Loves 

New single “Sure Of It”

The High Loves discuss new single “Sure Of It”
"Trust is a lot of things. It's earned in drops and lost in buckets, hard to come by but easy to break; a doorway to sorrow in the wrong hands, and the only real key to the fullness of human experience when reciprocated. 

Sure Of It is a reflection on that feeling, the one you get when you are brave enough to trust someone and reap the reward of genuine connection. It speaks to the almost religious experience of having faith in another person, and the relief of finding a home in their ideas; safety in their arms." 

7. Josh Ramsay feat. Dallas Smith

New single "Best Of Me

Josh Ramsay feat. Dallas Smith discusses new single "Best Of Me"
"The challenging part for me was that I don't sound like a country singer…I went back and did it over and over, trying to get it to a place that felt country but still felt authentically like me. Before we got married, there was a time when my wife and I were split up.  I felt like I couldn't successfully be with anyone else because the best parts of me were still wrapped up in her. This proved to be very true for both of us – and we got back together and got married in the end." 

8. Danah-Lee

New single “Home to Myself
Forthcoming Album 'Made In The Image' available in March 2022

Danah-Lee discusses new single “Home to Myself”

“I’m coming home to myself.  For years, I grappled with being a Queer within the Church, and carried tremendous guilt – eventually deciding to stop worshipping God through song, because I did not feel worthy as a Queer.   After choosing to love myself as a child of God, I rediscovered my faith and I believe there is a place for everyone in the kingdom of God.”

9. Donné Roberts 

New single “Seheno

Donné Roberts discusses new single “Seheno”
“‘Seheno’ is about regular life in the big city where some people may find it stressful and that can create a feeling of being lost in the daily rush.  However, there is always a way and nice people around who are supportive to others everywhere you go.  It’s all good, and life is beautiful.”

10. DJ Karaba

New single "Roots"


New single "After Hours

12. John Orpheus 

New single "House of Cards"

John Orpheus explains the choice and direction of the song "House of Cards"
"I feel if you're going to do a cover that slavishly copies the original, it's the worst thing you could do.  There's no way you're gonna out Radiohead. The key is to make it your own. We wanted to do it in our style, but still hold true to the song's inherent qualities. As with many of their songs, it is haunting with an ambivalent lyric and a subtle, yet powerful feeling, but we wanted it to be danceable, Caribbean, and soulful – three things Radiohead is rarely accused of, but which perfectly speaks to what we do!

13. Band of Horses

Lead singer Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses discusses new single “Lights” from 'Things Are Great' 

“I was with my family at an indoor water park hotel. On my last day there, I was walking down the hall and this guy was like, ‘Ben?’ It happened to be this dude that was producing the film that I was writing the score for. We met up in the family-friendly hotel bar which gets closed down by us at 10:00, at which point we then ended up in the parking lot. We get a little loose - nothing too crazy, but we 
ended up dodging security guards. Our story then goes on to when I’m back home and someone had broken into my house. With the cops that ended up being around, there were more people turning the lights on us, one way or another. At the parking lot of the hotel, it was the security guards turning them on to check on us out there and at home, it was the lights going on and off with these cops.  I’m drawing metaphors here and there from these two stories. Also, things were going poorly for me at that time, and that kind of peppers the entire track.”
More metaphorically, the song was meant to be a bit uplifting and I’m wishing for a better existence in a way. I’m getting over the things that had been going wrong in my life. The lights go on signifying it’s a better day kind of thing.”

14. Placebo 

New single “Happy Birthday In The Sky
New album Never Let Me Go available on March 25th

Placebo discusses new single “Happy Birthday In The Sky”
“Happy Birthday In The Sky for me, is one of the more heartbreaking moments on the album. Happy Birthday In The Sky is a phrase that I've been using for quite some time.  When I say, happy birthday to people who aren't with us anymore, it communicates the kind of heartbreak that we're really, really good at communicating I think. You know that sense of loss, that sense of desperation. It's as if a part of your body and your soul has been ripped from you unfairly. And you pine and you pine, and you wait.
What I am thinking is that this is kind of so visceral and so intense emotionally that it's really going to communicate something very powerful to the listener. And that's basically all I'm interested in. At what cost? Who cares. As long as the song really, really moves people, then whatever sacrifices you have to make in order to get there are fine with me. It's not such a bad thing to inhabit these emotions - you're very, very much alive and in the moment while you're doing so.”

15. Stromae 

New album "Multitude

16. Bob Moses

New single “Hanging on” 
#BobMoses #TheSilenceInBetween #HangingOn

17. Keshi

New single “GET IT” 
Upcoming album, GABRIEL out on March 25th

18. Chelsea Cutler

Deluxe version of her sophomore album 'When I Close My Eyes' 
New single “What Everybody Wants”
#ChelseaCutler #whateverybodywants

Chelsea discusses 'When I Close My Eyes'
“When I released WICME this past October, I felt like I wasn’t fully ready to start moving on conceptually or sonically. I kept on writing and finished three new songs I truly loved and decided that we needed to do a deluxe version. I am so excited to be able to continue this era with my fans, especially with the tour starting next in just a few days xo”

19. LZRD Features Liam O'Donnell

New single 'Outta My Mind'

20. Terry Golden and Robbie Rosen

New single 'Save Me'

21. Camila Cabello feat. Ed Sheeran

New single and music video “Bam Bam”  
#CamilaCabello #EdSheeran #BamBam

22. Benee 

Lychee’ EP 

BENEE discusses new ‘Lychee’ EP
“Being locked down in New Zealand felt like things were going to be like this forever and like I was wasting time. I was afraid that I’d run out of ideas or I would find it difficult to get through this writing trip. However going into rooms with new production collaborators like Greg Kurstin and Rostam, and reconnecting with Kenny, was really liberating and actually let the energy I had been lacking back into my songs. There is something crazy about landing in LA from New Zealand and throwing yourself into songwriting.  The exact same thing happened for me two years ago when I arrived in LA and wrote ‘Supalonely’ on the first day. I love that this EP has the emotional breadth to channel much of the anxiety that I was feeling at home in songs like ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Hurt You Gus’ but then also switching to the new energy I found when writing ‘Beach Boy’ as well as ‘Never Ending’ which is my current favourite!” 

New Albums 

February 25 - Nelson Sobral - Second Arrow (LP)

February 18 - Basement Revolver - Embody (LP)

February 14 - MAYSUN - Wanderlust II (LP)

February 11 - Melina Coolen - Windows (EP)

February 11 - Pretty Archie - Pretty Archie (EP)

February 11 - Shades Lawrence - Trust Takes Time (LP)


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