#newmusic4yourears #whatonwhatsgood Week of April 22, 2022 New singles

#newmusic4yourears #whatonwhatsgood Week of April 22, 2022, by: Jovin Tardif

#newmusic4yourears #whatonwhatsgood Week of April 22, 2022 by: Jovin Tardif

1. Tessa Kaye

New single "Sunshine & Rainbows"

Tessa discusses the new single "Sunshine & Rainbows"
"so many times I’ve found myself in situations where I was trying to mask my authenticity to not come off as “negative.” Life isn’t always sunshine & rainbows…and I'd say that’s kinda the whole point. Balance baby. Contrast. Bad times just make the good ones feel that much better." 

2. Nicky Youre and David Hugo
New single "Never Go Wrong"

David discusses the new single "Never Go Wrong"
"We starting talking about those one in a *bAziLLiOn* scenarios where you meet someone and it immediately feels familiar, a la “I’ve seen this film before"

Nicky discusses the new single "Never Go Wrong"
"So we wanted to capture that feeling somehow with a catchy chorus that feels as exciting and good as those relationships do."

3. Myles Goodwyn
New single “For Ukraine”
Myles Goodwyn’s new album, Long Pants, is available this Summer, 2022.

Myles Goodwyn discusses the new single “For Ukraine”
“Like the rest of the world, I’m witness to the devastation and suffering caused by the needless war in Ukraine,” Goodwyn shares. “This painfully sad and tragic situation inspired me to write this song with the hope that it might encourage people to help the citizens of Ukraine who are so desperately in need of our help.” 

4. NOA 
New single “Spaces” from the new EP 'Hurting' 

NOA discusses the new single “Spaces”
“This is a heartbreak anthem for anyone going through the motions, trying to heal and move on but struggling.”

5. Ink Sticks & Stones (Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant)
New single "Catharsis" 

Ink Sticks & Stones discusses the new single "Catharsis"
"'Catharsis' is a way to process how one can feel after finding some stability after an event that has overturned one's life. It's that moment when you know the worst is over, but the end is still far off. There is a tension in that stability; that things aren't okay at the moment, but perhaps they will be eventually."

6. JoJo Worthington 
New single "The Divide" 

JoJo Worthington discusses the new single "The Divide" 
"You know in movies when there's an earthquake and the earth splits open and it separates the protagonist and the love interest and then sometimes you see people fall in the gap? It's kinda about the people in the gap and trying to find a home there."

7. Sass Jordan
New Single, “Still Alive and Well”  
New Album 'Bitches Blues' available June 3rd

8. Alexisonfire
New track 'Reverse The Curse' from LP 'Otherness' out June 24, 2022

George Pettit from Alexisonfire discusses the new track 'Reverse The Curse'
"Some riffs stick around for a while until they make sense. ‘Reverse The Curse’ has existed in one form or another since Crisis. There was even a version that we used as the original 'Young Cardinals' but that one wasn’t meant to be. It found its way to creation during our covid rehearsals and I’m glad it’s finally coming to light." 

9. Beharie
New single “Simple Mistake"

10. Miesha and the Spanks
New single “Dig Me Out

Miesha discusses the new single “Dig Me Out”
“I wrote this song to process everything I was feeling: the grief, the horror, the anger, and the helplessness. Like most Indigenous kids, I already knew the history of abuse that came with the assimilation these schools offered. I saw it first hand reflected in the generational suffering of my family. My Grandmother survived Tk'emlups Residential School, sent there after her two older sisters died at St. Eugenes, the one closer to our home. Unlike her sisters, she made it back home, shamed and pregnant. As the numbers piled in from all across Canada, gaining more press and social media attention, survivors and their relatives shared their stories, again, because they’ve been doing this for years while no one listened, and I read them all. I found myself in a very dark place, absorbed in my Grandmother’s story and so many like her, and it was very difficult to dig myself out.”

11. Max Bemis
New Single 'Girls The Truth'

Max Bemis discusses the new single 'Girls The Truth'
“I'm looking at my daughter, she's definitely smarter than me, and she's wiped food all over her face. Some kind of, probably bodily fluid, but she's still smarter, and so this song is about how I'm glad to be eclipsed by my kids & everyone else who knows better than me. And it gives me purpose in waking up in the morning, not for myself, but for them, & that pretty much defines this second half of my life.”

12. Cody Jasper
New single "Disco Lemonade"


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